Longo warranty

If you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, it’s crucial to check if the seller is providing some sort of warranty. To make your car purchase safer, we offer a real warranty with every one of our cars, to give you security in case something should happen to the car. Because if it does, we will fix it free of charge, in accordance with the terms of our Warranty.

A used car warranty is a contract that promises to cover the expenses of certain car repairs. These warranties work similarly to the manufacturer's warranty. When you experience a mechanical breakdown, you take your vehicle to a licensed repair shop for diagnostic examination. If the necessary repairs are covered by your warranty, the administrator will pay for the repair expenses, minus your deductible.

1. Where can you get a Used Car Warranty?
2. What is Longo Warranty?
3. What is included in Longo Warranty?
4. How do I apply for Longo Warranty?

1. Where can you get a Used Car Warranty?

The promise of Warranty has to be backed by the ability to actually deliver on the promise, both in resources and competence. Which is why not every dealer of used cars can afford to offer one. But at Longo, we can, thanks to our skilled technicians, well-equipped service center and all of the work we’ve put in pre-screening and preparing our cars before sales.

2. What is Longo Warranty?

Each Longo car has undergone a detailed evaluation and its previous history checked against various databases to make sure that the vehicle’s condition meets Longo’s highly-set standards. They’re also fully and thoroughly checked prior to delivery to the sales location and go through a rigorous 150-point vehicle inspection at our dedicated Service Centre, carried out by qualified technicians. The photos and descriptions you see in our listed offers reflect the real condition of the car. You can read more about How Longo cars are prepared here.

A happy customer is more likely to spread the good word about our service. Which is another good reason why we provide every car with a 2-month or 3000 km warranty.

3. What is included in Longo Warranty?

Even the most reliable cars can let us down occasionally. Any breakdown can cause disruption, inconvenience and additional costs. Longo Warranty covers all the main parts of the vehicle: engine, gearbox, starter, alternator and reducer (See the full Longo warranty agreement here)

4. How do I apply for Longo Warranty?

This is the easy part. If you’re buying your next car from Longo, the Warranty’s already included in the deal. Because we want our customers to be satisfied and confident in their purchase decision.

5. How do I claim warranty?

1) You should contact our sales specialists as soon as possible by phone 6003115 or e-mail info@longo.ee;
2) After talking to our sales specialist, deliver the car to the Longo sales area at Tallinn, Peterburi 81 as soon as possible;
3) Upon handover of the car, a defect report will be drawn up and your car will be sent for diagnostics;
4) Armed with the diagnostic data, we will make a decision on the best way the car should be repaired in accordance with the terms of the Warranty;
5) The warranty repair period of the car may be affected by the procurement and replacement of parts, where applicable;
6) We will keep you informed of the service progress and the expected date of your car’s return from service;
7) After the car is successfully repaired, you can pick it up at Longo sales location.

Important to know:

1. If towing services are required, the customer covers the transportation costs.
2. Longo doesn't offer a replacement car during Warranty repair period.
3. The Warranty claim will be automatically rejected if the damaged or defective part has already been fixed or replaced by a third party service.
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