How we prepare Longo cars before sale?

At Longo we aim to bring a whole new level of quality to the market. We are based on honesty, transparency, high and uniform quality of all cars in our offer. That’s why all our cars go through a rigorous process of preparation. When you choose a Longo car, you don't have to worry about additional costs, you don't have to repair anything in it - you can enjoy it without fears. 

We present you with cars prepared for smooth ride.

After purchasing from trusted suppliers, each vehicle goes to Longo Service Center. We have our own facility, where over 60 specialists comprehensively prepare the cars before they go on sale.  

The entire process begins with a detailed 150-point diagnostic. We check the most important components of the main mechanical systems, but also details such as the operation of the radio or the appearance of the upholstery. 

Our Service Center is equipped with 20 repair stations, to which the car goes after diagnostics. We repair not only mechanical defects, that will be checked during the technical (registration) inspection. We make sure that all components works properly. From light bulbs to air conditioning and from seat heating to brakes - the cars that go to Longo's offer are in working order and ready to drive.  

We take care of more than just the technical condition of the car! We know how important the visual aspect is when choosing a vehicle. In Longo you will not get worn out steering wheel or a major dent on the door. If need be, we replace, restore, repaint. Into your hands goes a working car that pleases the eye.   

This is not the end of the road! After all repairs, each car is professionally cleaned with eco-friendly products. Two people thoroughly clean and disinfect the interior of the vehicle, the whole process lasts over 90 minutes. You won't find a crumb in it from the previous owner. 

It's time for the flash! Our automated studio photographs the vehicle from every angle. We provide detailed, high quality photos (classic and 360°), so you can thoroughly inspect the car without leaving home.  

With complete information, photos and documents, our cars go on offer in four countries, ready to meet the new owner. 


Each Longo car is subjected to a detailed inspection and necessary repairs which guarantees that it will pass the technical (registration) inspection. In addition, we take care of those elements that do not affect driving safety, but are important for driving comfort. Finally, we make additional efforts to make each car look good. 

No compromise - every car goes through the same process regardless of its price. 

Full transparency - we provide a diagnostic report for each car. This means that you will find out in what condition it came to us and what we did.  

No surprises - no hidden defects, no unexpected malfunctions right after purchase. 

We took care of all that so that you don't have to. You are left with the pure joy of driving! 

If You need help at any stage, do not hesitate and contact us!