How can I check the car?

A thorough test drive and examination of the car is vital before a purchase. It's your best chance to make sure that the chosen vehicle meets your wants and requirements, that you're comfortable and enjoy driving the car and that it's the right fit for all your needs. We value our reputation of reliability and transparency, so we offer test drives in the city for every one of our cars. You also have the option to bring it to a service center for a third-party examination. Read on to learn more about how you can check your next car at Longo.


1. How can I get a test drive at Longo?
2. Can I check a car at the service station of my own choice?
3. Can I check car with my own mechanic?
4. What additional information can I receive about a car?

1. How can I get a test drive at Longo?

Test drives are available for any car currently at the sales location. You can make an appointment and book a test drive at the time that is convenient for you. Note that a test drive usually takes around 30 minute in city traffic. If you still have any questions during the test drive about the car or the sales process, you will receive answers right away or upon returning to the sales location.

Before the test drive the car will be prepared for it with all necessary documentation for safe driving. Please remember to bring your driving license – our sales manager will also remind you of it.

If you come to our car lot without booking one beforehand, going on a test drive is still possible, although you may have to wait a bit for it. Waiting time depends on the amount of customers being serviced at the time. Pre-booked test drives take priority.

Note that there are no arbitrary limits on the number of test drives you can do. You can apply for multiple test drives on the same day – giving you a better insight in the cars you’re considering and helping you take the final decision.

Book your test drive here.

Can I check a car at the service station of my own choice?

All Longo cars are thoroughly inspected and fully reconditioned, so that our customers can be completely confident about their chosen vehicle’s condition. But you don’t have to take our word for it – you can bring the car for an inspection at any service of your choice. We advise bringing the car to an authorized service or a service with good reputation for quality feedback. Our support specialist will bring the car to your chosen service at the time you indicate.

Can I check car with my own mechanic?

You can inspect any car at our sales location with an automotive technician you’ve brought along. You will be allowed to connect a diagnostic device to the vehicle’s on-board computer.

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