How to reserve a car online?

Online reservation is easy and convenient process. Reserve your car from anywhere.  All you need is  mobile phone or pc and internet connection.  Pay only 99 Eur for reservation and be sure that your car isn't bought by anyone else. Reservation process will takes around 5 minutes. Longo offers more than 1000 used cars.

1. Choose car

  • Search for a used car in our website
  • Click Reserve now button
  • Complete reservation process in 5 minutes

Longo offer 28 car makes with 894 cars

2. Make reservation

  • Reserve car from anywhere
  • Car reservation is valid for 7 days
  •  Pay 99 Euro to reserve car
  • Reservation fee totally refundable
  • Pay via bank link

Longo offer 28 car makes with 894 cars

3. Make appointment

  • Our Sales team will contact to confirm your reservation
  • Arrange time for appointment
  • Make a test drive
  • If needed fill in finance application

Longo offer 28 car makes with 894 cars

4. Buy a Car

  • Continue with car purchase
  • Warranty 60 Days or 3000 Km
  • Verified car history
  • Original mileage
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if buying online

Longo offer 28 car makes with 894 cars


1. If I doesn't like the car, does I get reservation money back?
2. If I want reserve car which is in other country, does reservation fee is refundable?
3. How online reservation works?
4. How can I pay for reservation?
5. If car is located in other country does there is additional costs?
6. What happens if I decide I do not want the vehicle?

If You need help at any stage, do not hesitate and contact us!