Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions on buying a car

1. How do you ensure the quality of your vehicles?
2. Can I see a vehicle history report?
3. Where do your cars come from?
4. Do your pre-owned cars come with a warranty?
5. Can I book a car online until I can come to see it?
6. Can I buy a car online?
7. Do you provide also financing?
8. What forms of payment does Longo accept?
9. What is Longo Exchange policy?

Questions on selling a car

1. Can I sell my car too?
2. How do you determine car's value?
3. Do I have to pay for the technical appraisal of my car?
4. Will Longo buy any car?
5. Can I sell my car without buying a car from Longo?
6. When do I get paid?
7. How does Longo’s trade-in process work?